Site Coordinators

A Site Coordinator is a leader in the community who believes in the value a healthy community. Site Coordinators are responsible for organizing and promoting the Good for the Neighborhood program. The Independent Health Foundation works closely with each Site Coordinators to help plan and implement the Good for the Neighborhood program to meet community health needs.
Strong leadership is key to run a successful Good for the Neighborhood program. A strong leader is one who can motivate a group of people into action toward achieving a common goal. Site Coordinators should assemble a team to assist with the planning and implementation of each event. Roles to consider filling are: volunteer coordinator, vendor coordinator and workshop coordinator.
Community health resources are available for Site Coordinators to help design and guide the Good for the Neighborhood program. Please visit the Resources page for further information.
Please contact us to learn more about bringing Good for the Neighborhood to your community.
If you are an existing Good for the Neighborhood Site Coordinator, please login to access site specific information.