Good for the Neighborhood

Good for the Neighborhood has established sites in community centers, schools and businesses throughout the City of Buffalo, as well as Niagara Falls, Akron, and Lackawanna. Using a "park and stay" approach, we have invested in these communities over long periods of time to help sustain healthy lifestyle changes.


Good for the Neighborhood events are held quarterly and encourage participants to eat right, get active, see their doctor and quit smoking. Each event includes the following components:

  • Health Screenings and Measurements Screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, Body Mass Index (BMI) and more. Follow up is made with participants and their physicians where necessary.
  • Goal Setting Participants are encouraged to set healthy goals based on their screening results. Goal setting is designed to inspire change and increase participant accountability. Rewards are earned for achieving healthy goals.
  • Ask the Expert Medical professionals are available to offer consultations and create an open dialogue around important health related topics.
  • Ask the Pharmacist Participants are able to bring in their medications and ask questions like what to do when a dose is missed, how to store prescriptions, tips to remember to take medications and more.
  • Health Insurance Participants can meet to discuss insurance options available to them and learn how to obtain insurance.
  • Free Healthy Food Samples Free healthy foods are available for participants to try. They can also take a recipe to try at home.
  • Free Fitness and Nutrition Classes Participants stay moving, engaged and educated following events by attending workshops that offer physical fitness and nutrition components.
  • Engaging Activities for Kids Kids learn about fitness and the importance of good health and nutrition through fun activities and games.

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Free, engaging health and wellness workshops are held following each quarterly event and include:

  • Physical fitness classes like Zumba, yoga, cardio dance and self-defense
  • Nutrition classes like healthy shopping on a budget, cooking classes and practicing portion control
  • Disease management and prevention classes focusing on diseases like diabetes and heart disease
  • First aid and CPR classes

Proven Results

Program success is measured through extensive data collection and analysis. The health screenings and healthy goal setting are recorded and analyzed to determine program success and areas for program improvement. The data shows that participants who set healthy goals are more likely to achieve positive change than those who don't.


About the Independent Health Foundation

A healthy community is a happy community. The Independent Health Foundation works to provide Western New York with the support and resources needed to live a healthy lifestyle today and in the future. Through workshops, seminars and events, our goal is to:

  • Promote healthy behaviors within the community
  • Provide health screenings to underserved communities
  • Empower our community to become educated healthcare consumers
  • Collaborate with schools, businesses, and community groups


Foundation Signature Programs



 Soccer for Success: This program uses soccer as a tool to combat childhood obesity and promote a healthy lifestyle for children in underserved communities. The Foundation partners with Buffalo Soccer Club and The United Way to implement this program for children within the City of Buffalo.


 First Night Buffalo: This event provides a safe and healthy way for families to ring in the New Year. Family-friendly activities are available for all ages, including rides, costumed characters, music, and more! First Night has become Western New York's biggest drug-and-alcohol-free New Year's Eve celebration.



 Kids Run: This annual event encourages families to participate and stay active together. Kids Run aims to reach more than 5,000 families who may not have the opportunity to safely participate in physical activities.



 Healthy Options Buffalo: In the fast paced world, sometimes eating out is inevitable, but it doesn't mean you can't eat healthy! Through this program Independent Health Foundation works with local restaurants and eateries to offer healthy options for customers. These options are lower in fat, cholesterol, and sodium.



 Fitness for Kids Challenge: This program is offered in schools to elementary aged children in schools throughout Western New York in an effort to promote healthy habits at a young age, such as proper nutrition and physical activity. Through this program Independent Health Foundation aims to decrease the incidence of Type II Diabetes and obesity in children.