Please Support The Buffalo Peacemakers

The Buffalo Peacemakers are an energetic team of volunteers and staff who work all over our city to quell violence, comfort victims, and knit our community together. They help community leaders understand the challenges and inner workings of neighborhoods injured by poverty, guns, poor schools, mistrust of authority, violence and other traumatic experiences, all of which breed a sense of hopelessness.



The Peacemakers:

  • Make us safer & tie us together as neighbors.
  • Intervene in gang conflict & reduce shootings.
  • Help our youth avoid potential fights as they travel to and from school.
  • Comfort victims and stand up for our right to live in safety.
  • Distribute food, electronic equipment for students & PPE to those most in need.
  • Create an atmosphere of goodwill at large community events.
  • Hold the peace at tense demonstrations & allow voices of change to be heard.


To continue this important work, we ask for your support! 

We need businesses, foundations, and individuals to join the City of Buffalo in funding our annual operating budget of $300,000 and creating new programs to fulfill our community's needs.


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Why should you support the Peacemakers?

  • Because they save lives. From 2014 to 2019, gang-related homicides dropped from 43 to 18, while gang-related violence dropped from 112 incidents to 36.
  • Because they create safe neighborhoods that people want to live and play in, and employees and customers want to work and shop in. They increase home values and generate economic growth.'
  • Because they help create racial justice. As our nation and communities cry out for healing, the Peacemakers are strong diversity, equity and inclusion advocates, and can diminish racism.
  • Because they're creating a team of business, foundation and community leaders (including Dr. Michael Cropp of Independent Health) that is a force for good. Each year, the Peacemakers' supporters grow, get to know one another, link arms, and support Buffalo's and WNY's resurgence.
  • Because they are a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization (16-1509888) and your donation is fully tax deductible to the extent of the law.